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24 Shalamar Town, Lahore - 54840 (Pakistan)

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Terms & Conditions

  • Offers  are  issued  without  engagements
  • Orders taken over by our Agents are no valid unless they are accepted and confirmed by us in writing
  • Quotations stated on our price list do not bind us, but they are liable to variations according to the cost  of  materials  and  labour  cost
  • We reserve to ourselves a right to reimbursement even if such variations should arrive after the order
  • Goods are supplied Ex our Works in Lahore packing excluded
  • Payments are net  cash to be made to our Offices and the conditions agreed when ordering must be strictly  complied
  • Goods  travel  on  account  and  risk  of  buyers  even  if  delivered  free  destination
  • No claims are accepted if made 8 days after the receipt of goods both for the quality of materials as well  as  for  dimensions  and  tolerances After  that  period  goods  are  considered  as  accepted
  • Patterns made by us to buyers order remain of our property even if they contributed towards their expenses  partially  or  ontology
  • Delivery term stated on our order acknowledgment is to be considered as approximate and any delay due to causes beyond our control (e. g. Strikes, fires, lack of raw materials and electric energy, etc.) Free us from the obligation to observe the delivery terms and the Customer will not have  any  right  to  pretend  penalty
  • Before forwarding, goods are carefully tested so to assure perfect seals and working We engage ourselves to replace or to repair the components which will result faulty provided they are returned within 6 months from the delivery date, free our Works and on our previous agr-eement. Our responsibilities leave off if damages are caused by bad maintenance or by assembling inexpertness For  any  litige,  the  Lahore  Court  is  the  only  competent PPF works follow a politic of continuous development and have the right to modify the features of their  products  without  giving  previous  notice

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