About Us

On occasion of the 40th year of its foundation, our Firm is glad to offer to its Clients and potentials Customers, the new catalogue of its production, which will certainly satisfy all requirements and necessities of interested people. Our firm hopes that this new publication meets the favour of all people who every day debate technical problems for the project and construction of hydraulic, thermotechnical plants, a.s.o. Sure of the renewed confidence and preference, with many thanks and kindest regards.

PPF guarantees each PPF Brand Valves for one year from date of shipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship when used in the service for which it is recommended. We will cover the cost of repairing or replacing any defective part or parts, but we will not be responsible for any claims for labour or any other expenses or consequential damages. Design, materials and specifications are subject to change without notice and without obligation on our part.

Quality Assurance System

The quality guarantee means eventually that the supplied products can meet the requirements and assure quality reliability through the duration stipulated period.

Quality control must be supported by the activities of enhancing the reliability at each stage in the circle of plan-do-check-action. In our Company, a quality guarantee system when guarantees the function of products has been established so that the products are designed & produced exactly incorporated with the quality demanded by the customers, and such products are used by the customers with satisfaction for a long period.


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